Date: 2002/1/28

      Name: Kwangjo Kim
      Associate Prof. of ICU (Information and Communications Univ.) and Director of IRIS

      Title:"Korean Standard Cryptographic Primitives and Recent research of IRIS"

      we introduce how to develop and design Korean standardized cryptographic primitives such as SEED, KCDSA and HAS-160. To buildsecure e-government and safe marketplace over the cipher space, PKI(Public Key Infrastructure) is indispensable to start a variety of new services such as e-cash and s-stock. Korean has already enacted digital signature law in 1999. All digital-signed document are legally valid when a dispute occurs. We discuss the current status of PKI in Korea. Inside ICU, there are more than 10 research centers devoted to research and develop IT fields. IRIS (International Research center for Information Security) has been established in 2001 and is conducting new projects to select MVP of 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan with many partners. We describe this Internet voting system and its implementation so far.