Date: 2013/8/12

      Place: Collaboration Room #7 15:30 -

      Name: Ryuichi Ymamoto
          The University of Tokyo

      Title: Privacy vs. Public benefit in using health information

      Using health care data for public good is the essential issue for medical science and actually we used various clinical data for public good from ancient Greek to recent years. But now a days, the amount of health care data is increasing numerously because of the development of diagnostic procedures, and creating databases and using various information technologies are avoidable for utilizing and analyzing health data. Actually large scale databases have been developed now a days in Japan and other countries. The health care data for individual are so complex, so the simple de-identification methods can not decrease the risk of re-identification. Privacy versus public good became to the major issue in utilizing health databases. I will present the present status of information technology and databases in health care field, and discuss about the requirements for measures by information sciences.