CCS'1999 (Kent Ridge Digital Labs, Singapore) Nov.1-4.1999

  1. Participant : Mitsuru Tada, Takeshi Okamoto(D1)

  2. Reports

    CSS '99 was held at Kent Ridge Digital Labs, Singapore. In this conference, I had good opportunities to participate a rump session, and listened to the presentation on the very recent research topics, that is the topics of provable security. I also listened to two invited talks by Edward Felten and Victor Shoup.

    This conference is very prestigious and the accept by submission is very hard. This time the program committee received more than one hundred full submissions and selected only 16 of them for presentation!! I hope that, in the future, I will submit my paper and obtain the accepted notification.

    During the conference, I fortunately met the following celebrated cryptographers:

    - Ari Juels
    - Bruce Schneider (The author of "Applied Cryptography". He proposed the famous symmetric cryptosystem, *fish)
    - Christian Cachin
    - Jack Stern
    - Moti Yung
    - Victor Shoup (He is one of the inventors of famous encryption scheme, Cramer-Shoup scheme)

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