ISW'1999 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) Nov.6-7.1999

  1. Participant : Masakazu Soshi, Takeshi Okamoto(D1)

  2. Reports

    ISW '99 was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The previous conference, ISW'97 was held in JAIST, JAPAN. The goal of this conference is a little different from the other security conference. This means that the focus of this conference is on the following areas: multimedia watermarking, electronic cash, secure software components, mobile agents, and protection of software NOT including encryption, digital signature and so on. 

    This conference is famous for its submission from many variety of countries.  This time, the program committee received the paper from 12 countries, that is, Australia, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, and USA.

    During the conference, I met many researchers and obtained good opportunities to have invaluable discussions.

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