SCIS'2000 (Okinawa, Japan) Jan.26-28.2000

  1. Participant : Atsuko Miayji, Masakazu Soshi, Mitsuru Tada(Staff), Ryo Otomura, Norio Terauchi, Ayako Maeda, Ayako Maeda, Masaki Nakabayashi, Tatsuya Yamada, Satoru Nagano, Syunzou Takano, Shirou Mitomi, Emi Tominaga, Masaki Inamura(Master), Takeshi Okamoto, Shigeki Kitazawa, Kazumasa Omote(Doctor)

  2. Reports

    This is the biggest annual symposium on information security in Japan. The number of participants was about 400. About twenty foreign peple participate at this symposium on behalf of the joint workshop with Korea. Both watermarking and elliptic curve have two sections for a business promotion, respectively. Also, auction and mobile agent have one section for the first time.

    Seventeen members in our laboratory participated and eight members made a presentation.

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