The 61th IPSJ Conference, 2000 (Ehime Univ, Japan) Oct.3-5.2000

  1. Participant : Takeshi Okamoto(D2)

  2. Reports

    I heard this conference is putting a great deal of effort into the symposium. So I took part in the all symposium which was held in the conference. Now I introduce one topic:

    The panel discussion; subject "When is the next breakthrough after the incident of Deep Blue": In this session,  the panelists discussed the possibility which excellent AI (Artificial Intelligence), by which the machine defeat any person in the chess or shogi, realize in the future.

    I also saw many demonstration of the companies, universities, and so on. The aim of the demonstration by the companies are publicity of their goods, package soft, etc. The stuffs of Tan lab. in JAIST exhibit the machine related to the giga bit network system.

    In the security session of this conference, I saw the topics related to the PKI system, secure web server, secure network system etc. Prof. Kikuchi of Tokai Univ. was a chairman in this session. Prof. Matsumoto of Yokohama National Univ. also a chairman in another security session.

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