ISEC'2001 (Mar.) (Tokushima Univ, Japan) Mar.15-16.2001

  1. Participant : Atsuko Miyaji, Kazumasa Omote(D2), Yuko Tamura(D2)

  2. Reports

    ISEC has held under joint auspices of IEEE IT Society Tokyo Chapter at Tokushima University. In spite of the program was preceded in five different rooms at the same time, it didn't seem there were many people attending. Actuary I didn't see many people. The numbers of the presentation were 70, the ones from ISEC were 15 included the memorial fellow lecture. As Dr. Miyaji told us, we should attend as many as presentation possible. We should select the interesting presentation in the case of big conference, however we'd better attend the unfamiliar presentations. That's because we may be able to get some information.

    On the second day, the number of the participants of ISEC was approximately 25. Most of the participants were students that are why there weren't many questions. The atmosphere was relaxing.

    The contents of the presentations are following. Refer the program about the contents you are interested in.

    1. ISEC 2000-104 For Progress of E-cash
    2. ISEC 2000-105 Gradually releasable commitment schemes and their applications
    3. ISEC 2000-111 How to make efforts in this area of information technology
    4. ISEC 2000-117 (k,L,n) Ramp Secret Sharing Systems for Functions
    5. ISEC 2000-118 Notes on Security of SHP-II Cryptosystem
    6. ISEC 2000-119 Extension Fields by Using (x^{m+1}-1)/(x-1) as the Modulus for High-Speed Arithmetic
    7. IT 2000-79 Steganography in Wavelet Domain by Use of Visual Complexity
    8. IT 2000-80 A Study on Strength of RC6 against Higher Order Differential Attack
    9. IT 2000-81 A Study on Linear Sum Property of Block Ciphers
    10. IT2000-82 A Practical English Auction with One-time Registration
    11. IT2000-83 Interactive Signature Scheme with Confirmer and Signer
    12. IT2000-106 Safety and Performance Evaluation for Log Order Comparison Sealed-bid Auctions with Symmetrical Servers
    13. IT2000-107 Improved Bitslice Implementation
    14. IT2000-108 A Study of Policy-File Management Mechanism for Mobile-Agent Platforms

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