ISEC'2000 (May.) (Tohoku Univ, Japan) May.25-26.2000

  1. Participant : Atsuko Miyaji, Mitsuru Tada

  2. Reports

    Because The candidates of ISO standard ware presented by successively, the participants from companys gathered considerably on the 1st day. The presentations of Secret Key Cryptography ware NEC(CIPHERUNICORN-A),NTT&MITSUBISHI(Camellia),TOSHIBA(Hierocrypt)and HITACHI(MULTI-S01). The candidates of Public Key Cryptography ISO standard are EPOC-1,EPOC-2,PSEC-1 and PSEC-2(NTT).

    EPOC are the cryptsystems based on factoring. PSEC are the cryptsystems based on the discrete logarithm problem for elliptic curve. Thought two cryptsystems differ a little in precondition of secure, each of them are proved strongly secure.

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