SCIS'2001 (Kanagawa, Japan) Jan.23-26.2001

  1. Participant : Atsuko Miyaji, Mitsuru Tada, Masakazu Soshi, Maeda(M2), Nakagawa(M2), Umeda(M1), Ogiso (M1), Kawauchi (M1), Terada (M1), Nonaka(M1), Miyake (M1), Waseda (M1), Mpho (R)

  2. Reports

    The symposium was held in Kanagawa Oiso Prince Hotel. Since it is the maximum scale at symposium of information security, the mood of the hall was risen with many participants. It had various sessions, such as a public key, attestation and a digital signature, a elliptic curve cryptosystem, a block cipher, and network security. Five members in our laboratory made presentations.

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