ICISC 2001 (The 4th International Conference on Information Security and Cryptology) (Seoul, South Korea) Dec.6-7.2001

  1. Participants : Atsuko Miyaji, Mitsuru Tada, Kei Kawauchi(M2)

  2. Reports

    The fourth ICISC was held at 63 Building (This building is the highest building in Korea. I think this building is just like SUNSHINE60 in Japan) in Seoul, the capital of Korea from December 6 to 7, 2001. The conference aims at providing a forum for presentation of new contribution in research, development, and application in information security and cryptology. The program committee received 102 submissions from 17 countries (Australia, Belgium, China, Demnmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnum, UK and USA), of which 32 were selected for presentation in 8 sessions. The accepted rate of papers was 31% (32/102). There was also one invited talk by David Pointchval(ENS, France) on "Provable Security in Public Key Cryptography". This presentation made a deep impression on me. We participated and presented our research (Session 6: A Multi-signature Scheme with Signers' Intentions Secure against Active Attacks) in the conference. Korean graduate students spoke English fluently, therefore I thought I must get used to speaking English.

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