ISEC'2001 (May.) (Yamagata Univ, Japan) May.17-18.2001

  1. Participants : Takeshi Okamoto(D3), Mitsuru Tada

  2. Reports

    This conference was held in university of Yamagata. During the conference, Prof. Kobayashi of the university and his stuffs help our participants for all affairs, e.g. arrangements of the accommodation or that of banquet.

    In this conference, there are many topics related to the cryptography. For instance, one can see the presentation such as DNA information for personal identification, comparison between dry live fingers and artificial fingers in finger print authentication, historical perspective on the cryptography technology: its primordial form in classical Sanskrit literature  and so on. I feel that the recent research on the security has a great variety of studies.

    One student, belonging to university of Yamagata, proposed a digital signature scheme using NP complete problem. This university is famous for its study of the topic, i.e. the signature scheme whose underlying problem is NP-hard. I hope that, in the future, someone will propose the practical signature scheme based on NP-complete problem.

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