ISEC'2001 (Jul.) (Tokyo, Japan) Jul.25.2001

  1. Participants : Atsuko Miyaji, Mitsuru Tada, Kei Kawauchi(M2)

  2. Reports

    This ISEC was held in collaboration with the Information Processing Society of Japan CSEC. ISEC was held at the training No.1 room, CESC was held at the training No.2 room, and each was executed in parallel. The number of presentation was 17, respectively.

    The contents of a presentation of ISEC consist of the following contents. Identification:1, Random number generation:1, Distribution of contents:1, Digital signature:3, Concealm ent of information:2, New public-key cryptography:1, Multiparty protocol:1, Elliptic curve cryptography :4, Secret-key cryptography:3

    Especially the interesting contents of a presentation is unconditionally secure signature scheme .This scheme was proposed by the Shikata of the University of Tokyo. Mr. Ohta of the University of Electro-Co mmunications was asking a question frequently during the presentation. From now on, is it brought into the limelight?

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