ISEC'2001 (Nov.) (JAIST, Japan) Nov.8-9.2001

  1. presenter : Yuko Tamura(D3), Kazumasa Omote(D3), Takeshi Okamoto(D3), Atsushi Waseda(M2)

  2. Participants : all the members

  3. Reports

    This ISEC was held in Ishikawa High-Tech Conference Center so all the members participated in it. The contents of a presentation of ISEC consist of the followingcontents. Digital signature:2,Multiparty protocol:4,Cryptography:3,Randomnumber generation:1, Network security:3,Report of the conference:4   I thought that we can deepen understanding of stady of the cipher. The number of presentation was 17 and the number of participant was about 82.

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