RSA Conference 2002 (San Jose, USA) Feb.19-22.2002

  1. Participant : Atsuko Miyaji, and Masao Nonaka(M2)

  2. Reports

    The 11th RSA Conference was held at McEnery Center in San Jose from Feb. 19 to 22, 2002. It has 13 various tracks and expo. The contents of the tracks are:

    • Analysis Track
    • Applied security Track
    • Cryptographers' Track
    • Developers' Track
    • RSA laboratories Track
    • Government Track
    • Hacker & Threats Track
    • Implementers' Track
    • Industry Track
    • Law & Policy Track
    • New products Track
    • RSA products Track
    • Standards Track

    In the above tracks, only Cryptographers' Track is an anonymously refereed conference with proceedings edited in Springer-Verlag's Lecture Notes in the Computer Science series. More than 10,000 people (including only expo) participate in this conference.

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