Sixth International Workshop on Enterprise Security, 10th IEEE International Workshops on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprise, Cambridge, MA. Jun.20-22.2001

  1. Participants : Masakazu Soshi

  2. Reports

    The tenth WETICE was held in MIT, Cambridge, MA, June 20-22, 2001. The workshop was dedicated to a wide range of subjects about collaboration, and consists of six sub workshops on different themes relevant to collaboration technology. I participated and presented my research in the enterprise security workshop of WETICE. The number of papers presented in it is 22 and the workshop focused on the topics related to system security. As mentioned in the call for papers, the workshop was intentionally kept on a small scale in order to promote fruitful discussion and I guessed that the number of participants in the security workshop were forty or so. From Japan, Prof. Mizoguchi of Tokyo Science University and Prof. Sakurai of Kyushu University attended the workshop. The workshop had a friendly atmosphere, but there was much discussion about the presented research work and the presentations were often interrupted by the participants asking questions about them.

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