CMS03(Torino, Italy) Oct. 1-3, 2003

  1. Participant: Masakazu Soshi

  2. Reports

    The seventh international conference on communications and
    multimedia security (CMS for short) was jointly organized by
    IFIP TC-6 and TC-11 (BTW `TC' is an abbreviation of `technical
    committee', and TC-6 and TC-11 concern `communication systems'
    and `security and Protection in Information Processing
    Systems', respectively), and was held in Turin, Italy, Oct 1
    - Oct 3, 2003. Fifty or so researchers, students,
    etc. participated in the conference. Most of them seemed to
    be from Italy and I was the only one from Japan. During the
    conference it had been cloudy and a bit chilly, although, the
    participants enjoyed hot discussions with one another on the
    topics including communication security, copyright protection
    schemes, cryptographic protocols, and more.

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