ACNS03(Kitakyushu, Japan) Oct. 29-31, 2003

  1. Participant: Masakazu Soshi

  2. Reports

    CSS (Computer Security Symposium) is the symposium organized
    by Computer Security Group (CSEC) of IPSJ, Japan. The sixth
    CSS took place at Kitakyushu International Conference Center,
    Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan, Oct 29 - Oct 31, 2003. In
    comparison with ISEC of IEICE, Japan, CSEC places more
    emphasis on system security, access control, implementation of
    protection systems, etc. The conference in this year, as in
    the previous years, was the great success since the numbers of
    the presented papers and the participants were 114 and 225,
    respectively. I attended the conference, not to present
    a paper, but to serve as a chairman of a session.

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