ISEC'2003 (Nov.) (Tokyo, Japan) Sep.19.2003

  1. Presenter : Atsuko Miyaji, Yuko Tamura(D5), Takeaki Terada(D2), Hiroaki Morimoto(M2)
  2. Participants : all the members
  3. Reports

    This ISEC is held in isikawa high-tech conference center under
    IEICE and OIS near the jaist, and all the members participated in it.

    The contents of a presentation of ISEC consist of the followingcontents

    Digital signature:4,Cryptography:4,Digital watermark:2,Multiplex
    signature:1,Pushback protocol:1,Secret sharing scheme:1,Hash function:1,
    XML bata base:1, Digital recording book Authoring system:1
    Report of the conference (CRYPTO2003, SAC2003):2
    I thought that we can deepen understanding of stady of the cipher.
    The number of presentation was 18 and the number of participant was
    about 71.

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