SCIS2004 (Sendai, Japan) Jan.27-30.2004

  1. Presenters : Takashi Matsunaka, Hideyo Mamiya

  2. Participants :
    Atsuko Miyaji, Masakazu Soshi, Takashi Matsunaka(M2),
    Takahiro Ohnishi(M1), Fumiaki Kanazawa(M1), Ken Sasaki(M1), Yuki Takano(M1),
    Toshiaki Funazaki(M1), Hideyo Mamiya(M1), Masayuki Mori(M1)

  3. Reports

    SCIS 2004 was held in Hotel Sendai Plaza in Sendai-shi, Miyagi.
    The session which are new categories reflected our time such as security of
    RFID, quantum cryptography, protection of digital contents and authentication
    of biometrics, etc. have increased toward
    realization of ubiquitous information society in this SCIS.
    SCIS is the symposium to gather Japanese researchers, to present present
    research and to promote friendship.
    This year SCIS was very significant because of it might be the maximum scale,
    and there were many interesting presentation.

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