ASIACRYPT2004 Koria Dec. 5-8, 2004

  1. Participants : Atsuko Miyaji

  2. Reports

    ASIACRYPT starts in 1991, and holding in South Korea becomes the second time in this year. The content had announcements of the block cipher, the stream cipher, the public key cryptosystem, the hash function, the attestation, Secuacomputation, and the key management, etc. The invitation lecture was a story of the stream cipher by Adi Shamir. It was the talk "what spec. did it change to a stream code with various applications, such as a cellular phone and Wireless Network, and is called for for a stream code to survive with the reason for which a block cipher came to be used from now on."

    About 220 people participated by the participant and about 20 people were participating from Japan. Attending countries become France, Germany, Belgium, Israel, Switzerland, UK, Norway, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, US, Canada, Finland, Italy, New Zealand, Denmark, the Netherlands, China, Uganda, Indonesia, Romania, Russia, Sri Lanka, Slovakia, and India. It is an increase of the number of participants from China that still attracts attention.

    The academic society was able to use PC of wireless LAN, cable LAN, and equipment with well constructed very much in the Internet room. As for ASIACRYPT in fiscal year 2005, India and 2006 year are scheduled to be held in Malaysia.

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