CHES 2004 Boston, USA Aug. 10-13, 2004

  1. Participants : Atsuko Miyaji

  2. Reports

     CHES will start in 1999 and will become the 6th time by the end of this year In the workshop of the code relation which mainly treats mounting of a code co-processor, and the side channel attack of a smart card, it became the International Cryptography research organization (IACR)-sponsored workshop for the first time this year.  It seems that the rate of acceptance is 32/125 (26%), and the rate of acceptance is severer than PKC according to the sponsor.

     A participant has many companies relevant to a smart card, and has many participants from Europe for a society held in the U.S.A.  As for the participant, from Japan, 16 persons had participated before and after 200 persons.  The participating nation is France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Israel, Switzerland, UK, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Austria, the Netherlands, US, Canada, Brazil, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Australia.The announcement number is France (6), Germany (5), United States (5), Austria (4), UK(3), is Belgium (2), Japan (2), South Korea (1), Taiwan (1), Norway (1), Israel (1), India (1), and has still a lot of announcements from Europe.

     In the content of the announcement, the one that 17 side channel relations concern mounting was 14.  The society itself is very. It was well constructed, and the dinner or cruise during holding did not have a speech of a sponsor etc., either, and were a very casual society.  In addition, about this meeting, it is the real parent of a side channel attack. It is the company which Kocher founded. It seems that there was support considerably from CryptographyResearch INC.

     From the following fiscal year, conference called SHARCS (Special Purpose Hardware for AttackingCryptographic Systems) is founded and it will be opened the 1st time in Paris on February 24, 2005 and the 25th (after FSE).  Side channel relation may come out of an object, and side channel relation of CHES may increase increasingly from the following fiscal year.

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