28th CSEC (Osaka Univ. , Japan) Mar.22-23.2005

  1. Presenters : Masayuki Mori

  2. Participants :Masakazu Soshi, Masayuki Mori,Daiji Tanaka

  3. Reports

    This CSEC was holding of the combination of the multimedia communication and the decentralized processing society. The announcement number was a lot, and was also flourishing 68. I think that participants are roughly 80 people or more in the estimate. There was the one that it was not possible to enter the room according to the announcement, too. There was an announcement concerning most fields of CSEC like an invasion detection system, PKI, a mobile agent, and network security, a code, a digital signature, the attestation, the access control, and the security policy, etc. for CSEC, and an active question and answer was performed.

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