ISEC'2004 (Mar.) ( Univ. of Electro-Comm. Japan) Mar.15-16.2003

  1. Participants : Atsuko Miyaji, Hiroaki Morimoto(M2), Takashi Matsunaka(M2)

  2. Reports

    Since there were fellow lectures in addition to being held in collaboration with IT, ITS, SST, it was very prosperous.
    In the fellow lecture, especially 100 auditors were considered to have been near.
    On the way, the hall was changed into the big room.
    In this joint study group, there was three persons' fellow lecture, Eiji Okamoto (Univ.of Tsukuba), Tatsuaki Okamoto (NTT), and
    Toshinobu Kaneko (Tokyo Univ.of Science), in the information security community. It is very glad that the title of fellow is awarded to three persons supporting the information security community in Japan.
    The hall was the general research building of the University of Electro-Communications built recently, and was the very beautiful hall.

    Mr. Morimoto (M2) of our laboratory did the presentation about side channel attack.
    His presentation was very popular.

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