ISITA 2004 Parma, Italy Oct. 10-13, 2004

  1. Participants : Masakazu SOSHI, Takeaki TERADA(D3)

  2. Reports

    ISITA is an international conference organized by SITA. The conference was very successful indeed and the number of the participants was more than 300 or so. The accept rate of the submitted papers is 285/325=0.88. The topics discussed in the conference were, but not limited to, coding theory, signal processing, cryptographic protocols, quantum key distribution. Since SITA is a domestic academy of Japan, many of the participants came from Japan, but also from Korea, US, Germany and so on.

    We participated in the optional tour and the banquet. It seems that people in Italy enjoy meals with plenty of time. We were kept seated for about three hours. Course dinners in Parma always serve Prosciutto (sliced raw ham) and Parmesan cheese which are well-known products in Parma. As for mineral water, there are two kinds: one is carbonated, and the other is not. Parma is located in the countryside and it takes two hours to go by bus from Milan to Parma. That would be why it is such a safe city that we can go out even at midnight.

    It is decided that ISITA is held in some of the Pacific countries next year and later, so this may be the last time ISITA was held in Europe.

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