RSA 2004(San Francisco, USA) Feb. 23-27, 2004

  1. Participants : Atsuko Miyaji

  2. Reports

    It was the code-related session opened by 4th RSA-conference.
    The rate of acceptance was 36%. There were presentations from the U.S., U.K., Japan,
    South Korea, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan,
    Austria and the Netherlands There were many presentations from Europe this year as compared with last year, and
    the number of the presentations from Japan was three. The presentation of the security
    about hash, a stream code, a key evolution code, code mode, side channel attack, etc. was
    carried out without the topic of the latest fashion inclining toward a specific field.
    RSA-conference is a conference which puts the security-related exhibition hall side by side.
    The session was the very big society by which 13 sessions, such as not only cryptographer but
    standards and secure web services, were held in parallel. In this year, the product which took the measures against privacy protection of RFID from the
    RSA company was exhibited, and Burt Kaliski explained itself in the booth.
    It was considered that the participating number increased very much this year, as compared
    with last year when it decreased very much.

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