SCIS2005 (Maiko, Japan) Jan.25-28.2005

  1. Presenters : Fumiaki Kanazawa, Yuki Takano

  2. Participants :
    Atsuko Miyaji, Masakazu Soshi, Fumiaki Kanazawa(M2), Yuki Takano(M2),
    Takeshi Kiyomiya(M1), Jun Jikeya(M1), Takayuki Takagi(M1), Daiji Tanaka(M1),
    Hikoichiro Nakamura(M1), Tomohiko Hinoue(M1), Chen Jiageng(research student)

  3. Reports

    SCIS is an annual conference, the biggest conference on cryptographic and information
    security in Japan, since 1984 and was held in Maiko in this year. The purpose of SCIS is to exchange information and new resarch. From our lab, 9 students and 2 teachers participated
    in SCIS. Many interesting lectures were held.
    It was a good opportunity for us to learn a lot of new and interesting results.

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