CRYPTO 2005 Aug.14-18.2005

  1. Participants :Atsuko Miyaji

  2. Reports

    CRYPTO is held and it becomes just the 25th anniversary this year. However, the number of participation decreased from last year, and it became 300 participants or more by the number of participation decreasing further this year. This time, it is possible to think decrease of the number of participants though there was an announcement concerning the collision of SHA0 and SHA1 remarkable most at a recent code conference to be a fact that should be paid attention. To our regret, the Wang professor (China) was not able to participate this time because the permission of the visa had not gone out, and coauthor's Yiqun Lisa Yin announced. There was an announcement concerning an anonymous communication and human-oriented cryptography that seemed to be different CRYPTO this year, too.

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