CSS 2005 Oct.26-28.2005

  1. Participants : Masakazu Soshi, Takeaki Terada(D4)

  2. Reports

    This symposium was held at the Mielparque Matsuyama which is one of the institutions Japan Post holds and is located in the hot spring resort called `Dogo Onsen' in Matsuyama. About 200 persons were participated. This symposium is a large scale society on computer security society in Japan. The topics are as follows:
    * Network security
    * Security for privacy
    * Contents security
    * Evaluation for security system
    * Identification and Authentication
    * Security protocols
    The topics were inclined to security systems in the past, but recently the topics have gone into all the topics in security. So there is a proposal that they change the name of this symposium to `Information Security Symposium'.

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