SCIS 2008 January 22-25, 2008

  1. Participants :Keita Emura (D2), Yuta Imaya (M2), Masahiro Sukegawa(M1), Shojiro Hirasawa (M1)

  2. Reports

    SCIS 2008 was held in the World Convention Center Summit in Miyazaki Phoenix Resort Seagaia. SCIS is the biggest event on cryptographic and information security in Japan. This year it had the highest number of participants and sessions compared to other years. There were about 650 participants and over 360 presentations in this SCIS. The cryptographic protocol session had the main focus follwed by degital signature, public key cryptography and biometrix. The elliptic curve cryptography session was also included even though it was not in SCIS 2007. The attribute-based encryption got the primary interest in the ID-basd encryption session.

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