ISIT 2009 June.28-July.03, 2009

  1. Participants :Res. Asst. Prof. Omote

  2. Reports

    ISIT was held at COEX in Seoul on July. ISIT is one of the historic symposiums, as the history started in 1970's. Also in this history, twice in Japan (Kobe in 1988, Yokohama in 2003). This symposium had very large scale in the field of information theory. In fact, about 900 people participated in this symposium, 8 multi-sessions were dedicated on every content of the field, and 591 papers were selected from a total of 955 submitted papers. Particularly on the topic of information security, there were many contents such as cryptographic theory, network security, biometrics authentication, information hiding, and wireless security.

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