Inscrypt 2010 Oct 21-23, 2010

  1. Participants : Prof. Miyaji, Chen (D2)

  2. Reports

    The 6th China International Conference on Information Security and Cryptology was held at SJTU in Shanghai. It is sponsored by Chinese Academy of Science and SJTU, and in cooperation with IACR. The total number of participants is expected to be over 100. There were around 140 submissions and among which 36 regular papers and 13 short papers were selected. Inscrypt 2010 covers a wide range of research areas mainly including cryptanalysis, hash functions, encryption schemes, digital signatures and some hardware and software issues. Very interesting invited lectures were given by Bart Preneel on lightweight cryptography and by Moti Young on Key-Dependent message security. The banquet was held near the band of the new Shanghai, which covers the beautiful night view and also the delicious Chinese dishes. The conference organized a free Shanghai EXPO trip on the 24th.

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