SCN 2010-09 ItalyAmalfi 2010.09.13-15

  1. Participants : Prof. Miyaji, Chen(D2)

  2. Reports

    The 7th International Conference of Security and Cryptography for Networks, SCN2010 SCN is a two-year conference and it is held in Amalfi, Italy each time. Amalfi is a tiny city beside the sea, and it is a famous place for sight seeing. The conference was held in a hall which can contain around 100 people. However, there are only around 20 participants this time, probably due to the traffic (To get to amalfi, you need to transfer several times by both train and bus). The conference orgnized one trip around the old Amalfi city, it was a great experience with the explanation of the tour guide, and also the social dinner (Sea food was delicious).

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