CHES 2010 Aug 17-20, 2010

  1. Participants : Prof. Miyaji

  2. Reports

    The number of participants of CHES was over 300, and that of CRYPTO was over 400. The accept rate of CHES was 27%(30/108), and that of CRYPTO was 19%(39/203). The venue was full of participants, as the invited lecture was co-hosted by CHES and CRYPTO. In CRYPTO the lectures were not only conducted orally, but also in sign language. CHES consists of ten sessions. They were cryptographic algorithms for embedded processors, optimal calculation and implementation, side channel attack and fault attack and their countermeasure, evaluation of SHA3 and so on. Invited lecture was given by Ivan Damgard and Davis Naccache. The title was "Is Theoretical cryptography good in practice?".

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