ISISC2011-12 Nov. 30-Dec.2, 2011

  1. Kai (Asst.Prof), Emura (PD)

  2. Reports

    The ICICS2011 (13th International Conference on Information and Communications Security) was held in Beijing, China, on 24-26 November 2011. There are 33 presentations from 141 submissions. The topics covered are very wide, including network security, system security, public-key systems, protocols, cryptanalysis, and more. There is also a biometrics paper, where the techniques are similar to fingerprint recognition. One of the invited talk, by Prof K.P. Chow from Hong Kong, is about a very different kind of security, computer forensics. It is about crime investigations. He gave an interesting example of Edison Chen's (Chen Guan Xi) scandal in Hong Kong and how the police tracked down the criminals. In the coffee break, there is an interesting type of cookie which is salty with the taste of cheese. In the banquet, traditional Chinese food is served. Unexpectedly, no Peking duck is served in the banquet.