ISC2011-10 Oct 19-21, 2011

  1. Participants :Prof.Miyaji Emura(PD) Chen(D3)

  2. Reports

    Information Security Conference, ISC2011, was held on 19-21 Oct. in Tang Cheng hotel in Xi'an, China (same as ISPEC2009 and ProvSec2011). There were 95 submissions and 25 papers were accepted. The topics included were symmetric-key cipher, PKE, digital signature, DBS, privacy and so on. There were about 40 participants from 13 countries including China, Japan, Singapore in Asia, and Germany, Estonia in Europe, etc. The participants got Ornaments with ISC logo as a present. On the last day, as a social event, tour of world legacy "Terracotta Army" was organized. The next conference ISC2012 will be held in Passau, Germany.