NSS2012 Nov 21-23, 2012

  1. Participants :Prof. Miyaji

  2. Reports

    CANS 2012 was held in Darmstadt. About 100 people attended the conference and it seems to have succeeded. There are many questions, and it was active. 22 papers from 99 posts from wide area, network security, cryptanalysis, cryptographic protocols,and cryptography was accepted and they were all high quality. Major security researcher Bart Prenell, Yvo Desdmet, Josef Pieprzyk, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, Serge Vaudenay, Dennis Hofheinz, Benny Pinkas, Vladimir Kolesnikov, Stanislav Bulygin, also attended. There were 8 sessions: Network security, cryptanalysis, cryptographic protocols, cryptography, analysis and other S-box. There were 2 invited talks: Dennis Hofheinz, Condined Guessing: practical signatures from standard assumption. Bart Preneel Cryptographic failures and successes. CANS 2013 is scheduled to be held in Brazil.