NSS2012 Nov 21-23, 2012

  1. Participants :Mamun(D2)

  2. Reports

    Some papers (15) were selected to publish in the selected journals. Almost all the papers were presented in the conference by the authors. Most of the people were from Australia. It looks like Australian conference. More than 15 professors joined from different US, Canada and Australian university like University of Texas, Pardue University, Melbourne University, University of Waterloo etc. Approximately 10% papers were from Chinese local university. The conference was well organized. Actually there were 2 other conferences was held in the same venue. But it was not possible to join that conferences because of time schedule. NSS had 2 different tracks: academic and industry and 2 different session at the same time. It was very much exciting to meet and hear from many researchers from different parts of the world.