ISEC201311 November 28-29, 2013

  1. Participants : Prof. Miyaji, Mimoto, Nishida

  2. Reports

    Technical Committee on Information Security (ISEC) was held in November 2013 andTechnical Committee on Life Intelligence and Office Information Systems(LOIS) was held jointly.
    It was Done in Aoba Memorial Hall and Aobayama campus of Tohoku University in Sendai. The Venue was large, facilities are well-equipped, it was a great environment. Unlike Ishikawa, the air was very dry, the climate was cold stabbing.
    In collaboration with the LOIS this time, the invited talk, as the theme of privacy protection for life log, Prof. Kikuchi of Meiji University has spoken at subject that was common to the study group either.
    It was very interesting contents. They were the method of secondary use of personal data (It has become a problem in recent years), the topic of big data-related and so on.