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    "A multisignature with flexibility for message and order"

    Various studies on multisignature have been proposed. They are classified into two types: RSA-based multisignature, and ElGamal-based multisignature, all of which assume that a message is fixed beforehand. In a sense, these protocols do not have a feature of flexibility for messages. Furthermore some of them require to designate order of signers beforehand. Therefore these protocols don't have a feature of flexibility for order.
    For a practical purpose of circulating soundly messages like documents or data through internet, a multisignature scheme with flexibility for both message and order should be required. However, unfortunately, all previous multisignature don't have these features. In this paper, we propose a basic model of multisignature with flexibility. We also present two practical schemes based on the DSA-signature with message recover and RSA-signature respectively.

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