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    "Algebraic examination for e-voting"

    Until now, many electric voting schemes have been proposed. Some of those E-voting schemes use homomorphic cryptosystems and secret sharing schemes exist.
    This type of schemes do not need any anonymous channel but those suffer little flexibility in view of voting style.
    In those schemes, we can see the technique that is called "masking", which enables a voter to alter his vote afterward without permitting dishonest action.
    Using that, talliers' load being distributed and getting result quickly are gained.
    Therefore, in this paper, we propose the method of realizing several kinds of multiway elections such as secret vote with single entry and plural entry for some candidates with masking.
    For that purpose, we use [SK94] as our basic scheme. We first investigate the algebraic structure of the basic scheme and abstract it.
    Next, we give a few conditions to achieve a multiway election with masking, and then show two examples which satisfy that conditions.
    By applying those examples to the abstracted scheme, e-votings mentioned above are realized.

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