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    "A Study on the Obfuscation Technique
    for Tamper-resistant to Dynamic Analysis"

    Software obfuscation is one of the most promising approaches to
    protect intellectual property rights and secret information of
    software in untrusted environments. Unfortunately previous
    software obfuscation techniques have common drawbacks such that
    they only address tamper resistance against static analysis
    or they do not have any theoretical basis, so that it is not
    clear how effective they are.
    Therefore we propose software obfuscation techniques which have
    tamper resistance against dynamic analysis and have some theoretical
    basis for the difficulty of conducting analysis on the obfuscated
    Our proposed techniques make execution paths of an
    obfuscated program variable each time it is executed,
    which significantly obstructs its dynamic analysis.
    Furthermore we give a theoretical basis on the difficulty
    in conducting analysis of the program.

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