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    "Reserch for Countermeasure of Side Channel Analysis
    on Elliptic Curve Cryptography"

    The public key cryptosystem is different encryption key whish is public
    from decryption key which is secret. It is used for not only encryption
    but also the e-signature. By the improvement of decipher, RSA
    cryptosystem and Elgamal cryptosystem that is a past public key
    cryptosystem. Safety is threatened. An elliptic curve cryptosystem (ECC)
    and a hyper-elliptic curve cryptosystem (HECC) are actively researched
    for that as next generation's cryptosystems. 
    The elliptic curve cryptosystem is based on the points on an elliptic
    curve becoming a group, and elliptic discrete logarithm problem. It was
    proposed by Koblitz and Miller. Encryption and decryption Key size of
    ECC is short and compactly compared with RSA etc.
    Therefore, it is used from this feature with the smart 
    card with a small memory.The operation that becomes the center of the elliptic curve 
    cryptosystem is an operation of scalar multiplication $dP$ to point $P$ on an elliptic curve and 
    secret key $d$ regardless of decoding or the signature generation of the ciphertext. 
    It is a side channel attack that becomes a threat because of implementation 
    the smart card of ECC. The side channel 
    attack is an attack to obtain the secret key by using side channel 
    information on power consumption and the execution time etc. 
    Generally, when conputing the scalar multiplication $dP$, the binary method is executed. 
    In the operation, because $x$ is expressed by the bit string, The power
    consumption is differnt between bit is 1 and 0. Thus the secret key
    leaks by the power consumption. Therefore, countermeasures of the side
    channel attack have been researched. 
    The side channel attacks are classified simple  power analysis attack
    (SPA) and different power analysis analysis (DPA). 
    SPA is an attack of the pattern of waves of the power consumption under
    the operation to obtain the secret key by one observation. 
    It is necessary to lose the dependence of the confidential information and power consumption 
    to prevent SPA. Existing countermeasures method inserts the dummy operation while operating it, and 
    includes the method of making the pattern of waves constant. 
    It is DPA that the attacker simulate the test key and taking the
    difference of power consumption with a true secret key. In DPA, it is
    classified into Data-bit DPA(DDPA) and Address-bit DPA(ADPA). 
    There are DDPA countermeasures that includes the method of using the
    randomization scalar and a random point, and ADPA measures have the
    method of making the randomization scalar and concealing the relation
    between the scalar and the address. However, both computational
    complexities and the memories tend to increase by existing measures
    method to SPA, DDPA, and ADPA. Moreover, there is a problem that each
    measures method is safe only in a each attack method. In this research,
    I proposed effective algorithms of scalar multiplicationthis which are
    countermeasure on SPA, DDPA, ADPA. 
    The window method is used as a scalar multiplication algorithm in this
    research. The window method prepare preliminary operation table. Using
    the table, it is used can high-speed computation. In the proposal
    method, it proposes DDPA 
    countermeasures and ADPA countermeasures in the window method. In DDPA
    countermeasures, the method of the randomization scalar is used. 
    For window method when applied SPA countemeasure , Table size increase
    becaouse using fix window.
    And by DDPA countermeasure, computational complexity by table making
    increases by using random point and data.
    In proposed scheme, I apply Side channel atomicity to an SPA
    countermeasure and, by DDPA countermeasure, use a method to do randomisation
    of a scalar.
    the randomizing of the scalar is done by deciding whether to execute the conversion of 
    the expression of each operated window at random by using becoming
    $(100\bar{8}) _ 2=0(\bar{8}=-8)$.
    By this proposec scheme, randomisation of scalar expression is
    Furthermore, I give presence of conversion with a random number in the
    case of 0bit so that increase the number of the randomisation. 
    Usually, Last bit of bit string in window execute only doubling in the
    case of 0 bit
    by window method, but  execute presence of the insertion of the
    addition that does not influence a scalar value in 0bit either by a
    random number by proposed method.   By choice of processing by 0bit
    time, the number of the randomisation increases more.   I really
    sacrificed computational complexity, but the number of the randomisation
    increased than randomisation technique of existing scalar expression.
    ADPA measures use the method of concealing the relation between the scalar and the 
    address. Because the relation between data and the address of the table is rotated at random, the 
    relation is concealed. Both countereasures are given without the
    computational complexity increasing and addition one memory. And I
    proposed the window method algorithm that considered SPA measures in
    addition to these measures. 

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