Date: 2001/10/5

      Name: Shinichi KAWAMURA
      Toshiba Corporation,Research and Development Center,Senior Research Scientist 

      Title: Information Society and Security


      Social computerization is progressing by the spread of a telecom infrastructure or computers. Especially the role of the Internet will be large and future technical development will also be recommended focusing on the Internet application. In this lecture, it is related with the future near Internet -- technical -- it has a view Moreover, The latest result of the research on the security technology which becomes important in it is introdu ced. About the latest security technology, introduction of the next-generation common key code system whic h writers have proposed, and Hierocrypt is carried out. Moreover, it introduces about the operation algorithm which realizes parallel high-speed processing of the RSA code announced by Eurocrypt2000 about a public-key crypto system.