Date: 2012/3/22

      Place: Collaboration Room #7 15:30 -

      Name: Kwok-Wo WONG
          Department of Electronic Engineering City University of Hong Kong

      Title: Joint Source Coding and Encryption using Chaos and Fractals

      Source coding and encryption are the major operations required in the transmission of large amount of confidential information via a public network. Traditionally, these operations are performed independently. For example, the source sequence is first compressed using arithmetic coding; then the compressed sequence is encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). In this seminar, two applications of nonlinear systems for joint source coding and encryption will be presented. For the lossless reconstruction of general binary sequences, a simple piecewise linear chaotic map is employed for simultaneous arithmetic coding and encryption. For lossy image compression, the integration of selective encryption in fractal image coding will be described.