Date: 2012/1/6 (Fri)

      Place: Collaboration Room #7 15:30 -

      Name: Asahiko Yamada
          Senior Research Specialist, Advanced IT Laboratory, Toshiba Solutions Corporation

      Title: ACBio, the Internet enabler for biometrics: its concept and application

      Although biometric authentication is user-friendly, it is not used in the Internet environment. It is because biometric authentication has certain technical issues to be used in the Internet. Authentication Context for Biometrics (ACBio), which is designed and developed by Toshiba Solutions Corporation, is a solution to the above issues, and was standardized as ISO/IEC 24761 in May 2009. The presentation contains the following: - Technical issues of biometric authentication to be used in the Internet environment - Overview of ACBio - Related International Standards to ACBio - Examples of systems to which ACBio is applied