Date: 2015/8/27

      Place: Collaboration Room #7 16:00 - 17:30

      Name: Dr. Katerina Mitrokotsa
          Associate Professor, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

      Title: Authentication in Constrained Settings:challenges and directions

      Wireless communications technologies have received great attention in recent years, mainly due to the evolution of wireless networking and mobile computing hardware and their broad applicability. However, their inherent vulnerabilities have serious security and privacy implications. In this talk, we will discuss authentication in wireless communications which is often performed in: i) noisy conditions, ii) hostile environments and iii) constrained settings. By noisy conditions, we refer to noise in the communication channel that may lead to modification of the transmitted information. By hostile environments we mainly refer to environments where attackers may attempt to impersonate legitimate users, while by constrained settings we refer to environments that may include communication among wireless devices with limited resources. We have extensively investigated a family of authentication protocols called distance bounding protocols that can be employed as the main countermeasure against relay attacks. We analyse the security of such protocols and we discuss the main challenges of designing efficient and secure distance-bounding protocols. The authentication problem will also be connected to the need of privacy-preservation of a prover's locatio.