Rump session

All participants of ECC2018 could be present your works at Nara Hotel dinner after excurision on Tuesday.

If you are interesting this session, please contact:
(suga *at*
(please replace *at* with @.)

Program of ECC2018 rump session

(1) 19:20-19:23

(2) 19:23-19:26

Daniel J. Bernstein, Bo-Yin Yang:

Fast constant-time gcd computation and modular inversion

(3) 19:26-19:29

Thomas Decru, Lorenz Panny, Frederik Vercauteren:

Speedier snail signatures

(4) 19:29-19:32

Georgios Fotiadis, Chloe Martindale:

A glimpse of hope for pairings

(5) 19:32-19:35

Daniel J. Bernstein, Tanja Lange, Chloe Martindale, Lorenz Panny:

Quantum circuits for the CSIDH: optimizing quantum evaluation of isogenies