Ito(D2), Shishido(D1)

Appearance of the conference

ISEC was held at the Sapporo Convention Center in Sapporo City, Hokkaido in July 25 - July 26 and was co-hosted with SITE, HWS, ICSS, EMM, IPSJ-CSEC, IPSJ-SPT. The Sapporo Convention Center is located about an hour by train from New Chitose Airport. In ISEC, there were three general sessions and one invited (EUROCRYPT 2018) session, with about 60 participants. Main contents were symmetric key cryptosystem, public key cryptosystem, post-quantum cryptography, security protocol, etc. While Osaka is more than 35 ° C daily, the highest temperature in Hokkaido was 30 ° C or less, which made it easy to work. Including researchers' presentation on three papers published at EUROCRYPTO, various research contents such as safety evaluation of various cryptosystem and cryptographic protocols were presented, and each of them were very interesting.