AProf Okumura, SAProf Takano,SAProf Chou,Maezawa(M2),Nakano(M2),Takenaka(B4),Muroi(B4)

Appearance of the conference

The CSEC / DPS Joint Study Group was held on 3 / 5-6 at Nagoya University. The number of participants was less than 40 in anticipation, and the number of presentations was 26 for CSEC and 9 for DPS, which seemed to symbolize the recent surge of security research. Speaking only in security, on 3/5 of the first day there were many presentations on networks, OS security, malware analysis etc. On the third day of the 2nd, research and presentations on cryptography and cryptographic protocols were conducted. It seems that there were a lot of student announcements, probably because it was after the graduation thesis or master's thesis in March.