Prof.Miyaji,Assist Prof.Okumura,(M2)Nishiguchi,WangC, Miyaji Hideaki,Jin,Sugitani,Hayashi,(M1)Takenaka, (B4)Hosoya


Due to the coronavirus, the local meeting was canceled and the meeting was held online.

This time it was the first Internet study group,
I realized that it is important to proceed under the same system. In other words, in the lecture hall
In addition to the speakers and listeners, the person in charge of delivery operation who confirms the delivery status with other receiving venues
Installation is important. In addition, the sending and receiving situation of lecture data can be exchanged with each other in real time.
You also need to pre-configure an independent channel that you can see.
It is preferable that the study group can be done by FTF, but based on this experience, the next opportunity is
Operation manager, prepare to build another channel, and have experience to be able to hold an Internet study group
I would like to use it next.

Operation of 2 sessions and lecture, environment of the chair and independent venue
We are building it in a short period of time, and we would like to thank everyone in ICSS for their efforts.